Accelerating innovative business to improve the world.

Our mission

Innovation, sustainability and creative thinking.
"How can we improve the world?"

"How can we improve the world?"

This is the question we asked ourselves when we started building our business. We had a talent and passion for business development, marketing strategies and networking. We wanted to use these talents to create an exiting new business with a focus on innovative products and services that helped improve the world. We started spreading the story of these innovations, identifying new markets and possibilities for them, and building relationships. As we went on we developed new concepts and brought these concepts to the market. This became Social Innovations.

How we improve the world?

By telling the story of sustainable innovation.

What we do

We help companies and startups spread and sell their innovative products and services that improve the world.
We do so by strategizing, developing and building partnerships and networks.

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We Strategize

A successful strategy starts with clarity. We help you determine the right strategy for developing or implementing your innovative product or service. We map out the opportunities, new markets, possible partnerships, and help you formulate goals.

We develop

You will need the right tools to help you tell the story of your innovative product or service. We specialize in concept development to tell the right story about your innovation. By using effective marketing strategies we make sure your story is heard.

We build

Every innovation needs partners. We are experts in building strong partnerships to strengthen your position. We use our wide national and international network to search for people and companies that are able to take your innovation to the next level.

Do you share our mission? Need our help accelerating your innovative product? Or are you looking for profitable ways to innovate your company?

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Learn more about what we achieved and what we want to achieve.
  • Adgreencoat


    Adgreencoat is a globally patented solar-reflective coating that saves energy costs and simultaneously works eco-friendly by reducing CO2 output. On top of this Adgreencoat contributes to a healthier environment.

    Adgreencoat is based on Nano-technology and has an unique and patented ingredient: Admafine. Thanks to Admafine, Adgreencoat has several advantages compared to conventional solar-reflective coatings. Adgreencoat has a reflectivity of 87% and a retention value of over 90% after 10 years. This makes Adgreencoat the most effective en most sustainable solar-reflective coating on the market.

    During the development of Adgreencoat is was made sure it is inorganic, water-soluble, non-hazardous and non-toxic. So it protects both you and the environment.

    The green characteristics of Adgreencoat have been internationally recognized with several green & ecomarks. Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) and the prestigious Eco Award 2006, among others. Adgreencoat has also been officially recognized by the Dutch government as an efficient energy saving solution for coldstorage/freezing warehouses. This means that, if you own a Dutch coldstorage/freezing warehouse, an investment in Adgreencoat in the Netherlands gives you the opportunity to deduct 45% of your investment from your taxable profit.

    For more information about Adgreencoat visit



    For this project we partnered with NCK Europe, the exclusive distributor of Adgreencoat for the European and Middle-Eastern region.



    • Mapped out a national (Dutch) and international strategy for implementation of the product
    • Developed a new marketing strategy and several new marketing instruments and information documents
    • Discovered and pursued new opportunities and applications for the product, like the development of an innovative and sustainable greenhouse using Adglasscool (the glass application)
    • Built two strong international partnerships including exclusive distribution deals (Croatia & Saudi-Arabia)
    • Earned recognition for the product from the Dutch government with the inclusion on the Dutch Energylist (link:¬†
    • Researched opportunities, developed a lead strategy and actively pursued leads



    • Expanding the international network of partnerships
    • Increasing the marketshare of Adgreencoat in Europe
    • Applying for more green- and ecomarks
    • Research different application of the product, like the development of an innovative and sustainable greenhouse using Adglasscool (the glass application)


  • Social Return


    Social return or SROI in tenders is primarily intended to give people who have trouble entering the labour market more opportunities for work or development opportunities. Governments such as municipalities ask their suppliers to give these people a (development) opportunity within their organisation as long as they carry out a government assignment from the municipality. This is also called Social Return of SROI (Social Return On Investment).



    We believe that the implementation of Social Return in the Dutch market can be much simpler and better. We developed an innovative concept, which standardizes the implementation process and execution of Social Return obligations. This concept enables organizations to get commercial returns from Social Return obligations nationwide. And thanks to our unique business model we are able to offer this concept free of charge.


    Our concept can also be a solution for your Social Return obligation. We would love to visit you to present our Social Return concept and discuss the possibilities for your company. You can contact us here.



    • Save costs on the organization and execution of Social Return obligations
    • Implement a sustainable and standardized solution for Social Return obligations
    • Strengthen your competitive position with public tenders
    • A significant contribution to your CSR objectives
    Social Return
  • WorkYourFuture


    We developed a efficient and innovative project for the municipality of Amsterdam aimed at guiding Eritrean refugees to work, education or voluntary work. The program consists of a combination of group training, individual coaching and coaching and computer training (DigiSkills). The core and focus of WorkYourFuture is creating a safe environment through personal attention, language support and the commitment of Eritrean ambassadors. From this safe environment people can grow and start a new future.



    The WorkYourFuture program ran from January 2017 until August 2018. During this time we helped over 50 Eritrean refugees build a new future by training them and guiding them to work, education and voluntary work.

    • Grouptraining
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